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You ask, we answer

What are the dimensions of the boats 

The model in production will have an overall size between 5.30 and 5.50 meters;  

and a width between 1.70 and 2.00 meters

What type of motorization and maximum installable power?

The engine in the photos in the gallery is a Mercury 40/60 Orion outboard and develops a maximum speed between 28-30 knots. More powerful outboard engines up to 115hp can be installed with performance exceeding 35 knots. A line with hydrojet propulsion will also be presented

How many people is it approved for?

It can accommodate between 4 to 5 people

Water tank and fuel tank capacity?

The water tank is about 60lt (customizable);

The fuel tank is about 50lt (customizable);

Where is it advisable to sail with this boat?

The tests carried out by us in the splendid setting of the Gulf of Sorrento have shown excellent grip and stability. Recommended for a Coast to Coast walk, going out to sea or lake, water sports, excursions

Any production? Estimated times?

Quality is fundamental for us. Therefore, in addition to having a production of max 40 pieces per year, the innovation linked to this product will direct us to the decision of a Limited Edition on the probable 100 pcs.

What can be customized?

The Paint with metallic, pastel, opaque and film colors. The upholstery with different colors, fabrics, smooth or quilted. Optional customization, wood and steel engravings.

If you have other curiosities write to us at the Mail:

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