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Parallel Lines

New Abarth Offshore

More than a Boat, no Less than a Car


a clean classic style model with features inspired by the Fiat 500 Italian style icon. The project successfully combines luxury, efficiency, style and comfort. The natural curved lines and the absence of straight lines, offer a dynamic movement and a unique character to the design. Thus combining the beauty of boating with the comfort of driving on the road


 The design combined with the Pearl color give it different shades in contact with the sun, the windscreen  set in a stainless steel frame gives elegance and strength. The front and rear lights create a play of lights as well as an amazing night lighting. The cleats joined to the platforms complete the lines of this boat.


Every piece of the Sky interior, to the Waterjet stainless steel seats and from the steering wheel to the speakers and switches, is specially designed and handcrafted with attention to detail. The details of the dashboard, the on-board indicators offer a functional and comfortable cockpit to drive. The handrail and the teak flooring create a perfect chromatic combination, on which two completely handcrafted Chaise-longues stand out.

IMG_6904 3.jpg

On-board equipment

The boat is equipped with bilge pump, front and rear LED lights and fog lights, Sky leather throttle, seats with stainless steel base, bacon, chaise-longue, windshield.


Optimized to work in infinite baffles, with solid bass and great output. The attractive stainless steel tweeter mesh grille offers perfect high frequency transfer and rock solid protection. The UV resistant polypropylene cone co-molded with Santoprene rubber coating together with the basket and the grid injected with a Hi-temperature and UV resistant polymer neutralize water, dust and mud.


Optional optional: Stainless steel handshower, Multimedia player, Marine speakers, Cubinate dashboard, On-board instruments, front and rear LED lights and fog lights, Sky leather throttle, Seats with stainless steel base with Waterjet details, double platform with ladder, Screened windshield, pearl or metallic paint

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